Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Feature: DMV Passport Photo

A good friend of mine Amy is so hilarious.  I just love her.
Here is a guest post from her.  Enjoy!

Many can not think of an afternoon as lovely as waiting in a large, crowded room with florescent lighting and sometimes strange body odors wafting your way. The silver lining to my looming day of waiting and paperwork was that I could do away with my HORRIBLE, AWFUL, DREADFUL "just turned 18, super awkward, went for blonde but it really looked more orange..." drivers license photo. The kind of picture that you cover the actual image with your thumb when handing it to cash registers or kind of just flash it and hope that they actually, really don't care that much anyway. The amount of times I've heard "Oh... wow... you look... better now" is pretty sad.  

So I decided to have some fun with this. It is surprising how a bit of extra blush and a strategic top can make a world of difference. 

There are a few things to know specifically about the passport photo requirements: No hats or hair pieces, no necklaces (visible), no jackets, top must have sleeves and NO smiling. It's pretty much a mugshot. Pretty much everything from the DMV information below applies except for the information on poses. At least I look pretty cute in mine, I would have "smiled more with my eyes" if I had of been a bit more on the ball. 

For the DMV there are no listed requirements but it is safe to say that hats are out and that you should be prepared to take off a jacket if you are wearing one. 

Photo tips: 
- Apply make-up a bit heavier than usual. Think with the lighting, so go for warmer tones. Use cream based make-up to avoid looking dry. 
 (Examples of warm tones:

- Note that the background is a actually a pretty light blue color. Consider creating a fun contrast by wearing a top on the opposite side of the color wheel.

- Choose a top that flatters your skin tone and hopefully brings out your eyes. (( )

- Don't do anything too crazy or too dated, remember you will have this picture for at least 5 years. 

Here is a pretty in depth "How To" that covers make-up, poses and everything you will need to rock this DMV "photo-shoot" and come out with a winning photo!  See below. :-)

When it comes to the pesky situation of the "not so enthusiastic" photographer, a lot can be said for giving them a genuine "hello, how are you?". Make an appointment in advance and avoid going near the start of the month (avoid the 1st of any month like the plague, that is when most thing expire and people flood in like they actually want to be there). The more relaxed you are and the more relaxed and comfortable you can make them, the better. I asked the lady who was helping me with my paperwork if she could be the one to take my picture, she was flattered and even let me give it a few tries until I was happy with with.  

Good luck! 


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