Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Bracelet Line

hello ladies, EL Vintage 
has a NEW fun bracelet line.

All bracelets are $9.00 each.
message me to do a custom order for you.

What do you think? x


Cat said...

Love that they are rack n' stack! How beautiful they would look with a summer dress :)

Cat said...

Hi Emily, I just saw your comment and I can't even believe it?!?! You are from Milwaukee, WI!!! Wow, what a small world :) I actually live in Saint Francis (about 2 mins from Mitchell airport which I would guess is the airport you fly into when visiting the rents ;))

Yea! is a geographic connection for sure.

Following you back!

Thanks for entering my giveaway!

{you should totally get an extra entry for being from Milwaukee ;) }

Se├▒orita said...

Ah, so pretty :) And cheap too!!

Jamie said...

So sweet!

Kat Tanita said...

Emily! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Love these bracelets!!


A76 said...

They're very cute!

Miss Independent said...

cute bracelets! love them!

SILVIA said...

honey!!!!!!!!!!! love your blog!!
beautiful style..=D

follow u

Manon H. said...

Really nice blog ! Thanks for visiting my blog !

Krystal said...

emily these are so cute!!!

Sarah Swell Jewelry said...

ooooh, very pretty! Love the color combo!

Glory said...

Thanks for following!
I <3 your blog too!
Also a follower!
Those bracelets are lovely! (:

Trix said...

Simple and elegant, I love it!

Yajaira said...

they are cute

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