Thursday, February 24, 2011

EL Vintage Trunk Party- this Sunday.

If you live in LA or have friends here, 
do come to EL Vintage trunk party!
Lots of amazing vintage pieces as well
as Luxe necklaces.
RSVP with me at
I want to meet you and see you there!

Bring 10 vintage loving friends and I will make you a FREE
Luxe necklace like one of these below.

(photo shows three necklaces layered)
Cant wait to meet you! xx Emily


Yajaira said...

cute necklace
thanks for the comment on my blog
i hope you follow - i will be following you too

Sunny & Star said...

I wish I was in the LA area but I'm almost on the other side of the country. :-(

jeanette from everton terrace said...

What fun. I've never even been to a trunk show. Wishing you a great turnout :)

Leah said...

Crap, I wish this was on a different day.. I live in LA but cannot make it...


Ashleigh said...

If I lived there I would so be on it! Getting excited for an LA trip next month though :)

Jamie said...

So wish I lived closer

Nikki said...

No fair!

audrey marie said...

beautiful necklace - too bad im not in la area :(

Carly said...

I wish I lived in LA too....I am sure it will be FABULOUS and filled with beautiful vintage goodies.
Thanks for the info on the slip..I really need ivory...for underneath a couple dresses. Size 4/6.
If you come across anything like that....DEF message me.

Krystal said...

I wish I could come :(

Krystal said...

wait that was sunday, how did it go??????

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