Thursday, January 13, 2011

Color Trends for 2011

EL Vintage is having an incredible YEAR END SALE- 30% OFF!!!!  Come shop: EL Vintage

As many of you do, I also adore Lonny magazine and saw this fabulous color trend prediction of 2011 which makes a lot of sense since I have seen a lot of these colors everywhere.

EL Vintage has some incredible vintage pieces in these colors and they are all 30% OFF!!!


Nicki Brashear-Stylist and Fashionista said...

I like this post! Great idea posting Color trends with what you have. XOXO

Stacey said...

El Vintage is so on trend! Great pieces too! XX

Johanna said...

I think I want that geometric top next. Oops!

Krystal said...

ooo la la!!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Such beautiful pieces. For the love of beautiful garments and shopping - have a nice weekend;-)

Carly said...

I am OBSESSED with orange.
Always have been.
So glad it is a "stand out" color for spring.
I have orange Jimmy Choos that I NEVER wear, thinking they are a little too LOUD...but I am going to dust those puppies off and take em for a stroll the first nice day or spring!

Heidi said...

I heard that rust was making a comeback!!

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