Friday, June 18, 2010

EL VIntage...The Next Generation of Vintage

I was thinking about how it will be in 30 years from now..  Vintage clothing, vintage thrift shopping, vintage shops, vintage anything for that matter...  Forever 21, H&M, all of these lower priced retailers will be the thing of the past and they will be called "vintage".
I actually even see them in thrift store now alot more than any 1920s to 80s piece.
I thought wow, thats kinda scarey, or should i say sad.  I look at vintage clothing from the 1920s to the 1980s, all these great original, one of a kind, well made pieces.  They all are amazing and such incredible quality even the polyesters.
It makes me want to shop more for these and stop buying from the lower priced retailers.

I would rather have well made, original 20s to 80s vintage piece that costs $40.00 to $60.00 than a $20.00 Forever 21 dress that anyone can buy and wear.

That definitely isnt Forever 21....1951 vintage designer....totally worth the extra $20 to $40, even $100 for that matter...:-)


Yours To Keep said...

Liked your thought! Let's get as many H&M as we can, so our kids will be happy wearing vintage! ;)

Lady Grey said...

I doubt H&M clothes would last that long.... they're just made too cheaply!
I agree with you completely!

styleforlife said...

Thanks guys, love your comments, xoxo

RC Peters said...

100% Agree with you Em, the cheap stuff is the first thing to go when I clean out my closet, that's if it even lasts that long. The vintage, high end designers, well made pieces - those are the keepers!

Patricia Micaela said...

Em, I totally agree with you. Hope to see you soon!


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