Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eclectic is so Electric

I have seen many different decorating styles in homes in my life and so many were so much fun.
Being blessed to grow up with a mom who is a very talented decorator was also such a thrill all the time.  Her decor choice was usually formal English and French traditional but she really knew how to put it together and make it look cozy.  And I do have to say the best things about her decorating were to me the found vintage pieces.

Being raised in that environment along with traveling extensively through Europe and some Arab countries, I came to find that all these experiences influenced the way I saw aesthetics in the home.

To hunt, find and be inspired in your life is so very key in helping you put together what your house should look like and what type of design would represent that the best:  Eclectic.

The key to this is to fill your house with your memories of your childhood, homes that you lived in and loved, influences of travel, the influences of others decor tastes that you admired, your travels aboard and of course your favorite colors..

I found this incredible image of a room where the theme was cream and definitely eclectic.

Enjoy and think about it....It is very inspiring if you do.



Yours To Keep said...

So cozy and beautiful! I wish my house looked like this!

styleforlife said...

Dont you? Me too....Mine is more colorful...xo

FEDERICA said...

Love the table!
Such a nice blog!
Greetings from Italy,
p.s. There's a pretty giveaway on my blog :-)

ColeAndJosephine said...

These is such a pretty room. I tend more to the modern and colorful, but I could see loving this room!

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