Sunday, February 28, 2010

To be Classic is to be Bohemian

As part of Spring cleaning...I find it refreshing to review what my look for the year because I find it important to reinvent your style once and awhile.  Every 2 years?  5 years?  It is really up to you.
The key to that is to make sure to have a few classic styles as the building blocks to all your other style adventures.
One of those definite classic styles that I find consistently in style is bohemian.
It is both old school in American style history but also in Europe, England and France.
Its a safe bet that if you are able to pull this look off.  It can become an essential part to your
classic look.
Think Brigit Bardot and Jane Birkin.  These ladies still today are style icons because
when you think of them, you think of their bohemian style first and foremost.

A classic bohemian style...

Even in your garden....

So think 60s, 70s....All things bohemian are classic indeed.


Gaia said...

I'm a huge fan of vintage style... i hope you'll be back to visit me!

helen said...

love the photos :)

thanks for following me btw

helen xx

Bohemianwhimsey said...

There's something so magical about the last photo............. :)

styleforlife said...

Helen...not a problem...Love your blog! :-))

Bohemianwhimsey...Isnt it? So very amazing! ha ha!

xo to all three of you.. thank you for following me!

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