Sunday, February 21, 2010

For The Love of High End Fashion....

I do not know about all of you....but
every time I turn a page in one of the many amazing fashion magazines, I always think to myself. Oh god, I love that outfit, WANT IT!
Take this fabulous Max Mara outfit that I saw in Elle March 2010 issue.
It is all about the details, the design, the line of the outfit, the color, the quality, and its so very 60s.
I definitely would like to find that look, to actually take those details and quality of that designer outfit and find it.
So I walk into a store that I adore like Anthropology..
I love every single item that I come across....and of course the store layout, the visual prop creations but does the quality of the clothing really justify the price?
Do I want everyone to wear what I am wearing?
I want to look and feel like me, like a fashion runway, like original and not spend my whole paycheck in one go.
What is the solution?
Like I said, this amazing Max Mara outfit is so 60s so shop for 60s original vintage pieces.
Cut the middle man, people. :-)

Check out this amazing dress that I found for all of you....Its on sale now at my Etsy store...Perfect alternative!

Think about it. Buying original vintage pieces is the best deal yet.


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