Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Welcome to the world of blogging. This is what I had to tell myself.
I felt this would be a great way to connect with people on the subject of fashion, styling and all things asethetic.
I plan on doing weekly style tips here, hidden treasure finds and I am hope that this blog will help in bringing out each persons individual style.
I believe the best style a person can have both in home and fashion is in a full expression of themselves.
I thought placing a photo of Katherine Hepburn was a good symbol of just that.
I look forward to many great things ahead with this blog.
Please enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

She was an amazing woman all around; actress, trendsetter, athlete, woman... I can't get enough of her films, from The Philadelphia Story to Adam's Rib (love it!), Pat & Mike and Woman of the Year - uhhh!

Lauren Bacall is another...but in a different way :-)

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