Sunday, February 28, 2010

To be Classic is to be Bohemian

As part of Spring cleaning...I find it refreshing to review what my look for the year because I find it important to reinvent your style once and awhile.  Every 2 years?  5 years?  It is really up to you.
The key to that is to make sure to have a few classic styles as the building blocks to all your other style adventures.
One of those definite classic styles that I find consistently in style is bohemian.
It is both old school in American style history but also in Europe, England and France.
Its a safe bet that if you are able to pull this look off.  It can become an essential part to your
classic look.
Think Brigit Bardot and Jane Birkin.  These ladies still today are style icons because
when you think of them, you think of their bohemian style first and foremost.

A classic bohemian style...

Even in your garden....

So think 60s, 70s....All things bohemian are classic indeed.

April Showers, Brings May Flowers and a Change of Fashion

Spring is ever approaching and this means a new look,
something different, something unexpected, something new and old,
something never tried before.

Reading all the great March issued magazines,  it seems nude is the color of choice and the designs are definitely shouting "vintage" from
Chanel to Mui Mui to Yves Saint Laurent and it does not stop there.

Check out the March 2010 Vogue layout entitled: Love At First Sight.
Here are a few of the photos from the layout.
Nudes, grays, whites....

Completely depicts vintage with the 1950s, 1960s in mind..

I dont know about you but I think that tells me one thing, vintage is the way to shop
and I most definitely can help you in that area.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

For The Love of High End Fashion....

I do not know about all of you....but
every time I turn a page in one of the many amazing fashion magazines, I always think to myself. Oh god, I love that outfit, WANT IT!
Take this fabulous Max Mara outfit that I saw in Elle March 2010 issue.
It is all about the details, the design, the line of the outfit, the color, the quality, and its so very 60s.
I definitely would like to find that look, to actually take those details and quality of that designer outfit and find it.
So I walk into a store that I adore like Anthropology..
I love every single item that I come across....and of course the store layout, the visual prop creations but does the quality of the clothing really justify the price?
Do I want everyone to wear what I am wearing?
I want to look and feel like me, like a fashion runway, like original and not spend my whole paycheck in one go.
What is the solution?
Like I said, this amazing Max Mara outfit is so 60s so shop for 60s original vintage pieces.
Cut the middle man, people. :-)

Check out this amazing dress that I found for all of you....Its on sale now at my Etsy store...Perfect alternative!

Think about it. Buying original vintage pieces is the best deal yet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Add on: Style Tip 2/17/10

For example, take this gold necklace that I have on sale at: and layer it with other gold necklaces, long and short. Huge statement and divine.

Style Tip: 2/17/10

This is a must for every wardrobe and most of you have them....pearl necklaces. They can be vintage, old, new, fake, doesnt matter. But what matters is wear them in layers and add a large rhinestone charm on it. Really any great charm but I LOVE the rhinestone.
Such a statement to ANY outfit day or night.


Welcome to the world of blogging. This is what I had to tell myself.
I felt this would be a great way to connect with people on the subject of fashion, styling and all things asethetic.
I plan on doing weekly style tips here, hidden treasure finds and I am hope that this blog will help in bringing out each persons individual style.
I believe the best style a person can have both in home and fashion is in a full expression of themselves.
I thought placing a photo of Katherine Hepburn was a good symbol of just that.
I look forward to many great things ahead with this blog.
Please enjoy it!

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