Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winner of Giveaway Pin!!!!

The winner of the vintage pin is:  Jamie of http://www.glamlatte.com/, Congrats girl!!!
I will contact you when I get home from WI right after the New Yr!!!

New giveaway on January 3rd!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I wouldnt actively be blogging while away for the holidays.  Live in LA and heading back to Wisconsin where it is snowing and filled with holiday cheer with my family.

Enjoy all your holidays and tell me all about them in the coming days below.  :-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NEW Luxe by EL Vintage

Check out the ALL NEW Luxe necklaces by EL Vintage.   Here is a sneak preview of a few of them.
What do you think?  Happy Holidays! xx

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dedicated to My MOM

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via shopabientot.com

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Socks and Pillows

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Nothing like a cozy pair of socks.
via lonny magazine

Here are some incredible ones on Etsy at Sukan for $39.95.

and thats not all....check out her beautiful Turkish pillows...ADORE.

Monday, December 13, 2010


WINNER:  Jamie of http://www.glamlatte.com/

Next giveaway is: Jan. 3rd....STAY TUNED!

Here is how to participate:
1. Become friends with EL Vintage blog.
2. "Like" EL Vintage Facebook page.
3. Visit EL Vintage Etsy store.
4. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter 
5. Comment below and tell me you did everything listed above.
6. EXTRA---Leave your email address for future promotions, discounts and giveaways!!!
7. EXTRA EXTRA--- Spread the word and add EL Vintage as a daily read.

Winner will be chosen at random on December 24th by random.org.

Happy Holidays all! XXXX Emily 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winner of the EL Vintage Friendship Bracelet GIVEAWAY

is....Carly...of http://www.thirtysomethingfashion.com/ !!  (picked by random.org)
I will be contacting her shortly.

NEXT GIVEAWAY happens tomorrow...Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vintage Head to Toe ( includes new items on EL Vintage)

((((Dont forget to go enter on exPress-o, for a FREE EL Vintage clutch giveaway!!!))))

A must with any wardrobe, a vintage full slip, perfect under anything especially in the winter. :-)

+ a darling blouse for statement factor.
+ there is nothing like a fabulous full skirt especially this year, just check out the magazines. 

+ and we all love a really good pair of leather boots, I heart all boots. 

+ a great purse or bag or clutch, or all three. :-)
AND if by chance, you want to get really into it, a few good friendship bracelets for that perfect simple accessory. xx

So, what is your favorites? xx to you all- Emily

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide to Etsy 2

Check out these amazing sellers.  There are so many incredibly talented artists on Etsy but here are a few more I personally love.

1. Bayousalvage
She is a native of the deep south, with an aesthetic and experience that is true Southern Gothic. Her childhood was spent playing on the decaying grounds of Rowan Oak (Faulkner's home)amidst rusty farm equipment and filbert trees that curled back against the sun.
To get her childhood you mix :
3 parts rust, 2 parts torn lace, a jigger of bourbon,& a splash of absinthe. Serve with a family secret (or two) & you have bayousalvage style.  

Incredibly amazing store :-)

My name is Ginette and I'm from New Zealand.
Ikat & Batik has evolved from my love of textiles, sewing, shopping and travelling. I fall in love with Bali and Indonesian textiles on the first of several trips to Indonesia to visit my daughter, and dream of living here. The tropical climate, low cost of living, vibrant arts and craft scene, and not being too far from family in New Zealand, are all added attractions.

Her items are fabulous and who would not love a IKAT pillow or  BATIK silk scarf.  These are essentials in life! :-)

3.  siblingrivalrie
If you have a moment check out her project that she is doing with her sister on kickstarter. it's a dog portrait book project called canine chronicles, and its going to be a photo book and fictional history of the 20th century's most notable dogs. if you become a backer for the project you can get your own copy of the finished book and other great rewards.

Love these prints and love the project that she is doing.  Check it out! :-)

4. Sydney Hale Co.
Who doesnt love Fine Oils, Butters, Herbs, Waxes and Essentials.  Best type of products. :-)

5. HPerl Jewelry
Story told by her, When I left Maui and returned to Israel to join the army, I wore a sea shell tied with ribbon around my neck for good luck. Following the death of my mother, I’ve been wearing one of her gold bracelets on my wrist to always remember. As a TV producer, I wore my beeping pager as my only jewel and a badge of honor. Since my wedding, I’ve been wearing a simple ring, the symbol of my love and our union.

I was born in Israel, grew up in Alaska and Hawaii, and reside in New York City.
I’ve been a soldier, a student and a journalist. Now I’m a wife, a writer and a jewelry designer.
I aspire to cultivate my life experiences into beautiful designs and classic pieces...

This woman lived such an enriched life already and it shows in her beautiful jewelry.  Love the molded ring above as an alternative to a traditional wedding ring. :-)

6. dekaAnimals
This guy makes the most incredibly adorable prints.  I love that its all about animals.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


There is nothing like a fabulous chain necklace that you can layer with other amazing necklaces.
EL Vintage makes these.....

retails from $69. to $140.

and my lovely client, Kate in a custom Luxe necklace.   We do custom too. :-)

and we adore these necklaces at Barneys.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Vintage Blouse

{{{{Come and enter in the GIVEAWAY, you know you want to, its over there on the right hand side. }}}}} 

I thought there is nothing like a really good vintage blouse especially when you pair it up with a good retailer.  :-)  Talk about original.  
The older the vintage, the better....and that holds true to vintage wine too. ha! :-)

(plus all these fabulous vintage blouses are on sale at EL Vintage)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

EL Vintage- First Ever Giveaway!!!!

This is exciting!!!!  Today is the first ever giveaway for EL Vintage and it comes from EL Vintage friendship bracelet line.

The bracelet is something you can wear everyday because its so simple and cute.  It is made of wax linen and we use only gold filled beads and clasps.

Here is how to participate:
1. Become friends with EL Vintage blog.
2. "Like" EL Vintage Facebook page.
3. Visit EL Vintage Etsy store.
4. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter 
5. Comment below and tell me you did everything listed above.
6. EXTRA---Leave your email address for future promotions, discounts and giveaways!!!
7. EXTRA EXTRA--- Spread the word and add EL Vintage as a daily read.

Winner will be chosen at random on December 12 by random.org.

PS- Dont forget to take advantage of EL Vintage - 15% off sale event going on thru Dec. 12th.

Enjoy!  This is only the beginning!!!  :-)


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art and Vintage

NOTE: Coming this week-- Giveaway!!!  :-)

I dont know about you but I love getting dressed after a day visiting a museum.  There is nothing more inspiring than art...well, besides traveling, the food and the people.

All clothing is on sale at EL Vintage.

What is your favorite look and why? :-) xxx





Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide to Etsy

Just a little reminder....*********Dont forget, EL Vintage SALE  :-)  ******************

Holidays are in full swing and what better place to shop than Etsy.  There are so many amazing artists on this incredible website. I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you.

Thief&Bandit is Amie Cunningham, a woodcarver, designer, and artist by way of Canada and now living and working in Richmond, VA. All Thief&Bandit fabrics are handprinted and all goods handmade with care in her Richmond studio. 

Incredible little shop.  Love all their items but this scarf is to die for.  Scarves are such an essential accessory to looking the part. 

Alice is a designer and illustrator living and working in London, England. With a love of the hand drawn and beautiful, graphic elements she produces illustrations based on the natural world. Birds, animals, landscapes, and geometric patterns feature strongly in her work.

Her art is so magical.  I love it all and I hope you do too!

A native of Prague, Czech Republic, Marketa Psenickova received a degree in accessory design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, she began a line of edgy yet classic handbags and Marketa New York was born.

I have never look at a shop and said i want everything but I do.  Every single clutch, pouch that she has for sale.  PLUS the prices are so reasonable.

Maybe because of her gentle influence - and nostalgia over remembering her knitting Lopi, Fair Isle and Arran sweaters that were all the rage in the Seventies as well as my teenage punk rocker black mohair sweaters - She finds knitting and making clothes sublimely comforting. She has been knitting for friends and family for over 25 years.

Check out her photos, her items, her everything....such beautiful items all around and the most beautiful thing is she is from Scotland :-) 

Metalista is hand constructed jewelry made by Samara.
Her background is in Interior Architecture from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She enjoys working with simple geometric shapes and color. She tries to translate that into graphic wearable pieces that people will enjoy and get tons of wear out of.

Her jewelry is so architectural and simplistic.  I love it all and I adore that majority is brass. 

I love her artwork.  There is such humor and delight in every piece.  The dog print is my favorite.  It itself brings back such fun memories of my childhood and how fun it was to do this in the dark with just one little light. :-)

Cathy loves working in multiple disciplines, and  strives to use local and eco-friendly materials whenever possible.  Her art blog: www.habit-of-art.blogspot.com
She posts new work on my blog every week. You can also find artist interviews, tutorials, and lots of great art from Etsy artists. AND she runs art giveaways from time to time.

I adore this artist with all my heart.  You must own one of her amazing pieces.  I just love her head and how she thinks.  Its incredible.

Her work is so fun.  I love bows so very Chanel in every way and to make them colorful puts the icing on the cake.

ENJOY these amazing sellers.....more to come.  
Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent + random

 *********Dont forget, EL Vintage SALE  :-)  ******************

This shot is from a s/s campaign of YSL.  Love it, the whole fish eye photography is quite fabulous. :-)

I had this photo in my inspiration folder....It is one of those amazing shot that some artist took and I just adore it.    What do you think? x

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Savings with FREE GWP Bracelet

EL Vintage is adding an amazing blog reader FREE GWP incentive thru Dec. 15th!!!
Come buy vintage items at EL Vintage thru the Wild & Precious event,
and receive FREE GWP friendship bracelet with your order!!!!
Rules are below on how to play!  

Thats right a free GWP friendship bracelet from EL Vintage.
*** Waxed linen with three gold metal beads****

Here is how to participate for the FREE GWP:
1. Go to Wild & Precious event
2. Get the 15% off coupon code from there
3. Find EL Vintage on the Wild & Precious list- under 15% off
4. Go shop with your code at EL Vintage on Etsy
5. Get your FREE GWP Bracelet when EL Vintage ships your package!
6. Follow EL Vintage blog and add to your blog list
7. Follow Wild & Precious blog and add to your blog list
8. Comment on this post that you did everything on the list including Etsy transaction #


Also as an added bonus, two or more items purchased, you will get 2 FREE GWP friendship bracelets.

Happy Shopping!!!!
xxxx Emily

Thursday, November 25, 2010



Dont forget darlings to check out EL Vintage event going on with Wild & Precious at:

Black Friday SALE thru Dec 15

I stumbled upon this incredible photo at a little hamster blog.

Everything about this photo is magnificent.

Enjoy and Happy Turkey Day!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Event, YAY!

EL Vintage is participating in the Black Friday Sale event with Wild & Precious
and we are starting the sale TODAY thru December 15th!!
Go to Wild & Precious to get the 15% off coupon and then come shop EL Vintage


Its Turkey time and that means setting the table. I love all styles but what's your favorite?

I want to wish everyone a very merry Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for having all of you as friends here in the blog world. :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

HOT NEW Items at EL Vintage

Every Monday, I will be posting NEW EL Vintage items with some type of promotion, game like a giveaway or sale.

For this week, as an incentive for being an EL Vintage blog reader,  I will grant any reader that starts to follow my blog, a 15% discount on any vintage item (***this excludes $15.00 sale section, friendship bracelets and Luxe necklace line.)

So do the following:
1. follow EL Vintage
2. leave comment on this post
3. go use your 15% off discount at EL Vintage
IMPORTANT NOTE:  USE Coupon Code:  BLOG1 so you will get automatic discount. YAY!

Happy Shopping!!!

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